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Siilk Legend's second album titled "KEEP IT CALM" is out now and available on all streaming platforms. KEEP IT CALM is a mixture of reggae/dancehall with a fusion style.

Siilk Legend released three singles  off the album prior to the album release. The first single titled DEAR DADRIAN,  an emotional song dedicated to his daughter was released on July 27, 2019. His second single titled WEED FIELD,  is a collaborative effort featuring Fyre Yute and Leo Banton and was released on November 2, 2019.   The third single titled REAL RASTA MAN was released on November 23, 2019.   

DSLD Royale ENT., LLC and Siilk Legend's latest EP titled KEFI YALE was released on July 7, 2019. This EP features various artists:  Fyre Yute with HOTNESS QUEEN, Shanti Queen with CAN'T GET MY LOVE,  Daddy Slim with ME BELIEVE, Fullmarks with STATUS and BLOOD THIRST by Siilk Legend.

Check out KEEP IT CALM and  KEFI YALE now on all  streaming platforms....

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Latest Tracks

"Real Rasta Man" featuring FloTheProducer released November 23, 2019

 "Weed Field" featuring Fyre Yute and Leo Banton released November 2, 2019

"Dear Dadrian" released July 27, 2019.

"Blood Thirst" released July 7, 2019.

"Jah Love" released January 8, 2019.