Siilk Legend 

The ‘80s were almost said and done when Siilk Legend came into this world a handful of days before Christmas in Kingston, Jamaica. Growing up in the Caribbean, it wasn’t hard to find himself immersed in music. His passion for the creative outlet was sparked at an early age as he found himself infatuated with the sound of the drums coming from Bobo Hill. Intrigued and interested, he wanted more but found that life had a different instrument in mind. His voice soon became his signature as he sang in his junior choir and at church. 

Poetry soon entered his life which later evolved into rap  as Biggie and Tupac became major influences on his adolescent existence. During his time at Morant Bay High School, he made several appearances in a number of school skits as an actor and singer which later developed his stage presence and craft. After graduation, he adopted the mantra “I will and I can,” and began taking his music even more seriously than he had before. In February 2008 he released his first professional track titled “Our Love.” Later on that year he made his first major stage show appearance as an artist, in August 2008, at Hype 2K8. Much to the delight of the audience, he received an encore performance and was praised by the MC for the event, MC Nuffy. 

A few short years later he collaborated with Romanian hip-hop duo Fratii Johnson on the track "Progresul" off their album titled "Inceputul".  By 2014 Siilk Legend found himself back in the classroom when he attended Garmex Heart Academy, where he pursued a course in Musical Performance and was awarded a high achievement of  Employability Skills for Musical Performance. Just three years after graduating, this boy who came up in Kingston, JA, is now running his own label in Brooklyn, NY; DSLD Royale ENT., LLC. 

Through DSLD Royale ENT., LLC,  Siilk Legend was able to come full circle and re-release his first professional recorded track “Our Love.” While it was nice to give his fans a taste of the past, Siilk Legend was all about pushing forward. In 2018 he released his first  major album titled "Victory" under his own label. Continuing into 2019, he has done even greater things with his label including the release of a triad of singles from his second album which includes a song dedicated to his daughter titled “Dear Dadrian". His second album was released in December 2019, titled "Keep It Calm". 

Siilk Legend's mantra, “I will and I can”  is taking him further with the start of his own label DSLD Royale ENT., LLC. He has released a number of singles with various artists, musicians and producers both nationally and internationally. Siilk Legend's work  has only begun as he continues to work not just as an artist but as a producer bringing across new talent to the forefront, while still producing and releasing his own music.  Drawing from his personal life and nature, Siilk Legend's music is both personal and universal. He is now in control of his own creative art form.  Siilk Legend is continuously focusing on creating exceptional music that soothes the soul while inspiring positivity.