Siilk Legend not only gives you style over the beat, but also lyrics that one can feel. He’s a great artist as much as he is a music lover. ”

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Siilk Legend

Growing up in the Caribbean, it wasn’t hard to find himself immersed in music. His passion for the creative outlet was sparked at an early age as he found himself infatuated with the sound of the drums coming from Bobo Hill. Intrigued and interested, he wanted more but found life had a different instrument in mind. His voice soon became his signature as he sang in his junior choir and at church. 

In 2014 Siilk Legend found himself back in the classroom at Garmex Heart Academy, where he pursued a Musical Performance Level 2 course. Just three years after graduating the boy who came up in Kingston is running his own label in Brooklyn; DSLD Royale Ent. In 2018 he released a triad of single including an homage to his mother “Mother’s Love,” and “Vision Blur/Cyaan See Me,” a song that puts haters in their place while lifting hard working people up. Drawing from his personal life and nature, Siilk’s music is both personal and universal - which describes his 2018 release, Victory.


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